Gender inequality

Noor Bakhsh
Turbat, Balochistan

It really hurts me to mention that Pakistan has been ranked {143} the second-worst country in the world for gender inequality. No doubt, Pakistan has also been the worst performing State in South Asia for the last couple of years, while Sri Lanka ranks 100th, Nepal 110th, the Maldives 115th and Bhutan 121s. However, it is one of the fundamental rights to provide equality to women in a society. There is no denying the fact that women play a significant role in many areas of development. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had stated that a nation can never be developed if women are not working side by side with men. Moreover, it was December 18, 1979 when many nations at the UN General Assembly accepted the convention on the eradication of all evil customs against women in society. Pakistan also promised to give gender justice and equality. But, nothing has been practically done to stem the ranking of gender inequality, but if we see other countries, then other countries are much better than us in gender equality. Nonetheless, a majority of women cannot move beyond the status patriarchy assigns to them, thereby remaining excluded from developing necessary skills to be part of the workforce. Employment is also a very important fact to be considered in gender discrimination. In Pakistan, 98 per cent top managers in banks and other financial institutions and industrial units are males. This clearly shows that women are not treated equally as candidates for top management positions. Males are given priority over females in a country where females are more in number. As a result, it is hard time that we must regret and protest for all such devouring activities against women. And also I want to request the Government please take positive steps for eliminating inequality. Besides, government as well as the parents in every home must educate their daughters.

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