Gender inequality

Wajahat Abro
Shikarpur, Sindh

Uplifting the status of women and promoting equality is really the most important step towards the sustainable prosperity. However, it is one of the fundamental rights to provide equality to women in society. No one can deny the fact that women play a significant role in development. For this, Quaid-i-Azam stated that a nation can never be developed if women are not working in tandem with men. It categorically explains the real importance of gender equality. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the countries that have been reeling under a thick gender disparity. How painful it is to know that Pakistan is world’s second worst country in terms of gender inequality. Such a dismal ranking reflects a tantalizing image of the state of limited progress with regard to women.
Moreover, it was on 18 December 1979 when many nations, including Pakistan, at UNGA accepted the convention on the eradication of all evil customs against women in society. But, nothing worthwhile has been practically done in this regard. Is it not as, as we have lost humanity? Is it not true that we are not actually respecting our mothers, sisters and wives in the shape of women? Why are our women not safe at workplaces? They are harassed. They are mentality tortured. They are killed in the name of honour. What can be more perplexing, heinous and lethal behaviour that doing all these atrocious activities has become daily affair in Pakistan? It is right time we, humans, must regret and protest all such devouring activities against women. Government should take positive steps for elimination the inequality from its deep roots.

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