Gen Sikandar urges people to accept ground realities

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No one would serve your rights in a plate. These thoughts were expressed by Major General (R) Sikandar Hayyat while addressing to Seminar “Suqoot-e-Dhaka: Maqam-e-Ibrat Ya Nadamat” held by Tehreek-e-Mehsoorin Pakistan.
Special guest from America Wakeel Ansari and Rafiuddin Raz, Brigadier (R) Salahuddin, Aneeq Ahmed, Maqsood Yousufi, Zaheer Khan, Amanullah Khan Paracha, Mumtaz Hussain Ansari, Major General (R) Mussarat Ali, Bilqees Islam & Syed Iftikhar Ahmed Rashk expressed their thoughts in the seminar.
Major Gen (R) Sikandar Hayyat said that intelligent nations are those who have good perception of ground realities and go ahead. There is no any research work on incidents like tragedy of East Pakistan, we should have to work on such incidents.
He said that each class who kept themselves weak will be failed, without knowledge and economics it will be hard to go ahead. In 2018 election, different parties will contact you to get your vote and you should have their promise that after success they will raise your voice in the Assembly for coming back to the country.
Pak Muslim Alliance Chairman Amanullah Khan Paracha said that millions of Bangalis voted in 1970 election in favour of two nation’s theory and against Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, while Shaikh Mujeeb was also killed by Bangalis. Patriotic Bangalis are still ready to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. He said that to call Beharies and patriotic Bangalis as expatriate Pakistanis is a quite cruelty.
Secretary Karachi Press Club, Maqsood Yousfi said that Bangalis are being punished for their patriotism. He said that whenever the people are bereaved from rights and facts are neglected, then tragedy is arisen.

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