Gen Janjua raises alarm bells

ADDRESSING a seminar on Pakistan’s role in Promoting Global Peace & Security in Islamabad on Tuesday, Advisor on National Security Nasir Khan Janjua, highlighted some of the specific threats faced by the country from its arch rival India due to its ever increasing expenditure on defence and said these are hindering Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace.
Nasir Janjua, the retired Lieutenant General, indeed fully understands the complexities of relations between Pakistan and India and whatever he said about the Indian threats was based on facts and figures. In fact, the Indian war mongering and belligerence towards Pakistan is not new and known to everybody. Especially after the installation of Modi led government, the Indian side has up the ante and using different tactics to pin down the neighbouring country as well as malign it internationally. As regards its arms build up, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India stands second in the list of countries which are spending the most on their military expenditures. Harbouring sordid designs against Pakistan, which is also now crystal clear from the recent revelations of RAW officer Kulbushan Yadav, it appears that India is deliberately enhancing its military related spending in order to put more pressure on Pakistan which can not give matching response to India’s ever increasing defence budget because of fiscal constraints. But this piling up of weapons stock on the Indian side should ring alarm bells not only in the regional countries but also the world at large as these would have adverse ramifications for peace and security. In his speech also, Nasir Janjua emphasized the need for immediate engagement between the two countries for resolution of outstanding disputes. Pursuing the course of dialogue has been our persistent policy but the other side regrettably has not reciprocated with the same sincerity rather always avoided talks. Both the countries possess nuclear weapons and implications of even a single nuclear weapon being used will be disastrous for the peoples of the region. We will, therefore, urge the Indian side to end the hostilities against Pakistan and return to the table of negotiations to ensure a peaceful neighbourhood as envisioned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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