Geelani calls for boycott of assembly, parliament by poll



Syed Ali Geelani has appealed to the people that they should boycott forthcoming by election for assembly and parliament seats in the valley as it provides Indian leadership an opportunity to mislead world, a Hurriyat-G spokesman said in a statement.
“A few people who vote in election dramas are not only committing an act of treason but their actions are also acting as oxygen for the Indian occupation of Kashmir,” the statement quoted Geelani as saying.
“It is tantamount to betrayal with the sacred blood of martyrs and any participation would prolong our struggle for freedom,” he added.
Geelani was addressing mourners in Tral, where two militants were killed during a gunfight. “Any flaw or any type of support to puppets is misrepresented in international forums by Delhi,” the statement added, while calling participation of a large number of people in the militants’ funeral as an “eye opener for India”.
“Let them realise they have virtually lost their battle and now enacting election dramas won’t serve any purpose,” Geelani said.
“Most of those sacrificing their lives are highly educated and committed with right cause. We need to be aware of this and we are duty bound to safeguard their sacrifices and refrain from such activities which may prove counterproductive for our movement,” Geelani said.
Geelani quoted Dr Iqbal’s couplet hailing martyrs as the ones whose “blood is higher in sanctity than Haram-e-Paak (Kaaba)” and “the people who for petty gains barter this blood are betraying the nation and will find nothing hereafter except punishment for their misdeeds”.
Referring to people’s uprising in 2016, Geelani said that more than a 100 people lost their lives, thousands were maimed and hundreds blinded.
“Properties worth billions were ransacked and thousands were detained and despite inflicting loses and mass detentions, India couldn’t suppress our passion of freedom,” the ailing leader said.
“Despite these repressive and arbitrary measures people are overwhelmingly exhibiting their valour and passion for freedom,” said Geelani .
“While asking India to read writing on wall Syed Ali Geelani said their obstinate approach has yielded nothing nor they can demoralise the spirit of the people.”
He said a lasting and peaceful resolution is only possible when people are provided an opportunity to express their aspirations regarding political destiny of Jammu and Kashmir.
“Terming the prevailing situation in Jammu & Kashmir explosive, Syed Ali Geelani said that unrealistic approach of India is prompting our brave hearts to resist and offer their lives,” he said.—KR

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