GB’s Provincial declaration

Gilgit Baltistan so called the province of Pakistan is a part of Pakistan since the independence of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. This region has given countless sacrifices in development of Pakistan. But unfortunately, the government of Pakistan has not yet taken any decision in favour of Gilgit Baltistan. Government of Pakistan has not formally declared Gilgit Baltistan as province of Pakistan. GB has no representation the in National Assembly. This part of Pakistan is still deprived of its rights.
The Government of Pakistan did not give any legal right to GB as has been given to other provinces. As a result, the natives of GB are facing a number of problems such as electricity, higher education etc. Now it’s time to take a bold step by government to declare GB as a province of Pakistan. There is a need of cooperation of government of Pakistan with GB’s government to give legal rights to GB as a province. Government of Pakistan should declare the GB as a province as soon as possible. In this way GB can achieve its goal of development and success.

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