Gas shortage

This has become a routine that every winter, there is gas shortage, which seems to come out of the blue and we are told that this is due to technical fault or gas production shortage etc. When those at the helm of affairs in concerned ministries have conflicts of interest, with their families being beneficiaries owning business and trading companies, then such shortage raises many eyebrows. It is no coincidence that those involved in Furnace Oil trade reap profits of millions of dollars, and so do those in LPG business.
When LNG contract was signed amidst allegations of non-transparency, we were told that this would prevent gas shortage and cost less to the national exchequer. Yet while beneficiaries of LNG contract mint billions because of guaranteed payments, orders for more Liquefied Natural Gas were suspended knowing fully well that demand for gas increases every winter. It is a known fact that electricity produced from dams also decreases every winter. In spite of change in government, nothing has changed viz a viz nexus of the lobby within bureaucracy and those involved in energy trade.

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