Gas connections

In an appreciable move, the Federal Government has reportedly decided to provide one million additional gas connections for domestic consumers on the recommendations of parliamentarians. According to these reports, OGRA has already approved three hundred thousand connections for the year while the government has approached it for approval of seven hundred thousand connections under sustainable development programme.
Gas is not a luxury but a necessity of life, therefore, people of Pakistan would welcome initiative of the government. Critics are opposing the move on the plea that the country was already facing gas shortage and that the government should not launch such welfare schemes close to election. However, there is absolutely no logic or rationale in these objections because parties elected to rule through popular vote are expected to fulfil aspirations of the people and implement promises made to them during elections. Governments are voted to power for five years and the law permits them to do every legitimate measure till the last moment. As for gas shortage, the present government can legitimately take pride in accomplishing major projects to address the crisis. It successfully concluded a deal with Qatar for import of LNG and built an LNG Terminal and as a result there is increased gas availability for all consumers. Only a few days back, groundbreaking of TAPI gas pipeline project has been performed besides construction of more LNG terminals and permission given to CNG sector to import gas. If there are still gas shortage, the fairness demands all citizens should bear them equally and it would be injustice to deprive those who have so far no gas connection to deprive them of the facility till the country is surplus in the utility. We believe that the government should have granted permission for gas supply to different areas much earlier as it would not be possible to provide one million connections in just three months.

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