Garbage situation

Areeba Hafeez

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards insanitary conditions prevailing in our Karachi city. Karachi has become the king of trash heaps. Heaps of garbage, stinking gutters and unswept streets are the distinctive features of Karachi. These heaps keep lying for days in streets. They give out such a bad smell that one cannot pass by them. Flies and mosquitoes breed and grow freely. Garbage situation of Karachi is getting worse by the day. The piles of garbage littering almost entire Karachi are not only annoying residents but also becoming cause of different diseases.
Accumulation of garbage in absence of an effective disposal system has become a serious health hazard creating numerous infectious and other diseases in certain parts of the city. Several areas already lack proper facilities for the collection and lifting of garbage resulting in insanitary conditions quite visible in almost all the localities of each town. There is no administration, no one is taking serious action to solve the problem at all and because of this citizens of Karachi are really frustrated and they need some solution for this problem.
Sindh government should look into the matter and take some proper steps to make Karachi clean and beautiful. I urge the government of Sindh to take necessary reforms to improve the state of environmental affairs in Karachi. If prevailing practices continue, Karachi would become a place not worth living.

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