Garbage issues

Sumaiya Fayyaz

The Pakistani nation is, sadly, enveloped in a mixture of political, social and environmental problems. One of the country’s major problems, concerning specifically the environment, is waste management. This is portrayed everyday in the urban as well as rural areas, by large, unpleasing lots of accumulating, ever-increasing loads of garbage, which, due to improper ways of disposal, and lack of scientific lines, become breeding points for various disease-causing species.
Neither the Government nor the public can be held completely responsible for garbage accumulation in the country. This is evident especially in Karachi where at the biggest dumpsite of Jam Chakro (500 acres), no environmental checks exist. The site is, therefore termed by the scientists as ‘a recipe for an environmental disaster’. Laws exist, but enforced half-heartedly. Even the law-enforcing agencies are seen breaking those laws. The government is making some efforts to minimize the volume of garbage in the country but we all are equally responsible to clear mess which we have created.

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