Garbage heaps, choked drains, rile Zhobites

Rafiullah Mandokhail


Heaps of garbage and filth accumulated in the drains not only restricting the smooth water flow but also exposing the lapses on the part of the municipal committee here. The drains are choked, filled with polythene bags and garbage in many parts of the city.
The situation gets worse in rainy days. Stinking smell emitting from the scattered garbage has made it very difficult for the pedestrians to walk on the roads and streets that also poses a serious threat to the health of people.
Overflowing of drains and accumulated water not only creating difficulties for passers-by but also damaging the portions of the recently carpeted-roads. But The Municipal Committee has turned a blind eye to heaps of garbage in the streets both in residential and commercial areas.
“Municipal Committee is failed to address public grievances and seems less interested in launching a cleanliness drive to clear the choked drains and remove garbage dumps in the streets,” a resident said. But the officials said that the Municipal administration lacks manpower, resources, equipments and other facilities to tackle the situation. The people have demanded of the authorities concerned to take some immediate steps to lift the garbage and dump it out of the city. On the other hand, the drain water mixes with water supply lines in some leaking spots due to weak and decades old water supply system. It also causes various diseases including hepatitis. But the officials of Public Health department have not yet bothered to rectify the problem. The residents complained.

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