Gao Ling, Ma Dong, XPU & our future



Naveed Aman Khan

IT was memorable moment when on my visit to China I reached Xi’an Polytechnic University for meeting and discussion with Dean Faculty of School of New Media Art, renowned Scholar and Professor Dr. Ma Dong and his worthy associates. It was my second meeting with scholarly Dr Ma Dong. On my arrival to his department, I was warmly welcomed and led to the conference hall for discussion. Dr Ma Dong in his opening speech expressed his profound sentiments and goodwill gestures to me on behalf of XPU, his associates and President of the XPU. He also presented me written goodwill welcoming message of the President of the XPU Professor Dr Gao Ling PhD who is also Member of National People’s Congress of China. Professor Dr Gao Ling, President of Xi’an Polytechnic University is supervisor of PhD candidates. As Congressman of National People’s Congress of China Dr Gao Ling has served for two terms very successfully. Prof Gao Ling is also Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of Jiusan Society. He is an expert in Computer Science and Engineering while Professor Dr Ma Dong is a great scholar and Dean, Faculty of School of Media Art of Xi’an Polytechnic University.
He did his doctorate in Chinese Tang Dynasty Clothing Culture. His doctoral dissertation has been nominated for the national excellent doctoral dissertation. This is very high academic honor in China. Subsequently, he entered the post doctorial research stage, mainly engaged in the Art Archaeology of the Silk Road in Northern Qinghai Tibet Plateau. In recent years, he is committed to the promotion and dissemination of traditional culture in the context of new media. The influence of Pakistan’s ancient art like Art of Gandhara is his prime interest. Some Chinese scholars preferably study ancient art of Pakistan. They are seen satisfied with their personal research needs and academic interests but they have little interest in promoting and disseminating the ancient high level art of Pakistan to the Chinese people. He feels it unfair and unjustified. He humbly says that his personal strength is very small but he wants to change this situation. He believes that as long as most of the people in China understand the ancient art of Pakistan he certainly will bring riches to the Pakistani people.
Xi’an Polytechnic University can be traced back to the Weaving Division of Beijing Higher Industrial School in 1912. It is the only university with the mission of cultivating talents in “Textile and Fashion Design in North Western China”. In different particular fields Pakistan needs to benefit from this world class institution of the XPU. Currently the XPU has become a comprehensive teaching and research university not only specializing in textile, apparel and art design but also covering a wide range of branches of learning such as engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and art.
Being one of the top Chinese academic institutions the XPU currently consists of eleven schools and couple of teaching departments with an enrollment of over twenty two thousand students. Its two campuses, cover an area of over one million square meters. This university has been embarking on a number of large-scale capital projects to improve the campus environment for the pleasant living and holistic development of students. The XPU provides students with on campus communal spaces, such as a student centre including a gym, entertainment venue for relaxing, socializing and showcasing their versatile talents. The high class cafeteria and supermarket of the XPU meet students’ needs in their daily life. The beautiful campus contributes to its elegant environment and the convenient school facilities create a pleasant and civilized atmosphere without evolvement of any kind of political activity and violence while our universities are being opened in one or two floors of commercial plazas providing totally politicised, violent and non academic atmosphere not even having its own cafeteria for students.
Can our such institutions groom and polish personalities of our students compatible to China and European countries? Can we compete the results of universities like the Cambridge, Howard, Oxford and XPU? No we can’t. For the safe and respectable future of our country and the nation we need to realise and think on it seriously. The university attaches great importance to develop students’ ability to solve real world problems. It provides students with opportunities to conduct real life projects. Government of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission need to learn from China and its institutions like the XPU to uplift future of our young generations. From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping all the Chinese leaders have paid significant and objective attention towards most modern applicable education compatible with the requirements of centuries ahead.
Chinese leaders especially Zhao enli, Ding Xioping and Xi Jinping followed sayings of their great leader Chairman Mao Zedong and achieved their national destination while our leaders forgot sayings of our father of the nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah and lost our destination. After great Jinnah our leaders have been least interested in providing best of education to our nation. Worst of all this was the moment when in the present PTI government the academicians a professor and former Vice Chancellor of Punjab University were arrested and insulted by a young National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official. Consequently, because of such behaviour and approach our nation is unable to compete the advance nations of the world. In China I have seen the importance of education and honour of teachers. After the visit of the XPU I have come to know that our future is in China and thus with its academic institutions like the XPU.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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