Gangs of criminals luring children to crime in Karachi


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An instant aftermath of police being used as decoration piece for VIPs, instead of protection and safety for the general public, is that gangs of criminals have become operative luring children to promote street crime, which citizens feels has begun to assume epidemic proportions.
Sometime back European Union had boycotted Pakistani products for misusing children under 11 or 12 years of age for factory jobs, instead of ensuring education for them. Now this menace had sprung up in a city, where schools are engaged in money making business, instead of serving a cause.
When media drew attention on the subject, police has begun active, but only to prove its worth, rather than as commitment. It swung into operation, which is normally in fits and starts, arresting a five-member group involved in criminal activity, with two members aged 11 and 14. Some days ago, an 11-year old boys was shown by CCTV of accompanying such gangs in attempted phone snatching.
Reports said that the group is involved in multiple street crimes and police said one of the members is linked to murder.
Zeeshan, a 25-year-old member of the group was killed during a confrontation with police. Street crime has been on the rise in Karachi, leading to the Police announcing the start of a grand operation. The city’s Police chief, Mushtaq Maher told journalists on Jan 3, that street crime was now Karachi’s biggest concern.
A private TV channel reported that the menace of street crime continues to plague the metropolis even after years of an ongoing operation to curb crime in the city was launched.
According to statistical data on various crimes reported in Karachi, maintained by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), over one thousand mobile phones were snatched in any given month with the highest in January 2016 when nearly 1,600 mobile phones were snatched.
According to sources there are certain hotspots where street crime continues unabated, they include areas between Golimar and New Karachi, Liquatabad to Yousuf Plaza, Kala Pul to Korangi and Defence Library, Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Sabzi Mandi) to Malir Cantonment.

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