Gandhi’s grandson book on Indian atrocities in IHK launched


A.C.Shahul hameed

Colombo—The book titled “Gandhi’s grandson: Rajmohan Gandhi says INDIA LOST KASHMIR” was launched in Colombo which highlights the attrocities of the Indian forces and para military in the India-held Kashmir. The book contains a collection of articles compiled by senior journalist Latheef Farook. The book was launched at the seminar conducted by the Kashmir Study Forum to mark the Kashmir Black Day.
The book is a collection of articles from independent writers in India, Kashmir and Pakistan published in their respective dailies. weeklies and magazines. the purpose of this book is to highlight in its true perspective , the history of the unfortunate Muslims of Kashmir who are subjected to oppression and brutality bythe Indian army and para military troops.
The compiler of the book Latheef Farook states that the need for such a book was felt from the very first day when the latest uprising erupted in Kashmir.most militarized region in the world., following the killing of young freedom fighter Burhan Muzaffer Wani By and large , Indian and western media failed to highlight sufferings of Kashmiri Muslims.
Latheef farook states that raping women became a daily occurance to break the spirit and soul of Kashmiri Muslims. The exact number of rapes will never be known as conservative Kashmiri women , known for their religious piety and prefer death to dishonour , refuse to speak about their shameful ordeal and prefer to suffer the indignity in silence.
Yet cases of rape including those in front of family members and children by indian forces were documented by many human rights organisations.One such document was “The Rape of Kashmiri Women by Shabnam Qayyum According to these reports men were herded into nearby fields for questioning while women at home were raped at will.
He said india is accusing Pakistan of fostering terrorism and threatening Pakistan to create a Bangladesh in the Pakistan territory of Baluchistan,.However Indian attrocities and brutal killings continue in Kashmir.
The Indian government has failed to attend to the core issue of Kashmiri Muslims genuinely. Even India’s Brahmin media ith few exceptions failed to highlight the real issue.Instead continue toaccuse Kashmiri Muslims as terrorists.

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