Game of destabilisation in Balochistan

AT a time when some foreign powers are making frantic efforts to create instability in Pakistan, a dirty game is on to destabilize the most strategically important and sensitive province of the country – Balochistan. The Government and its allied parties have apparently lost control over their members in the provincial assembly, who are colluding with some others to get a no-confidence motion passed against Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri of PML-N.
There is absolutely no justification or logic for no-confidence against the incumbent CM when the general election is due in few months. Everything was going well but suddenly, member after member is resigning the cabinet of Zehri and there are allegations that some MPAs are getting anonymous phone calls to support the move. The situation is so treacherous that even members of JUI-F who are enjoying all the benefits of coalition in Islamabad are also extending a helping hand to detractors of Zehri. All this makes it absolutely clear that the objective is to disrupt the forthcoming elections of the Senate in March this year that are supposed to give PML-N numerical majority in the upper house of Parliament. Whoever is behind the move and whatever the objectives are, the fact remains that the current situation would not serve the cause of the country in any way except satisfying egos of the parties that want to pull the PML-N government through whatever means. It is in line with this policy that even mainstream parties are extending support to politics of chaos and instability being pursued by PAT leader Allama Tahirul Qadri. Such an approach by the national leadership is highly deplorable and speaks volumes about their democratic credentials as well as their claims about upholding interest of the country. Pakistan is facing worst kind of external threats and there are reasons to believe that some foreign forces want to destabilize Balochistan so that it could also be used by them for destabilization in neighbouring Iran where protests are being engineered against the Government. Why are we unable to read the writing on the wall and forge unity instead of complicating the domestic situation further to the advantage of the enemy?

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