Gallup Pakistan findings

ACCORDING to Chairman Gallup Pakistan Dr Ejaz Shafi Gilani people’s confidence in politicians and Parliament has increased during the last four years, yet they are still behind Armed forces, religious leaders and Supreme Court. This is indeed encouraging as the findings are different from oft-propaganda version that people have no or little faith in politicians and Parliament. In fact, politicians and Parliament are victims of negative propaganda by some particular lobbies as they have their own axe to grind by discrediting them.
Pakistan is a democratic country where parliamentary system is in vogue and it is duty of all segments of the society to contribute their share in strengthening democracy and Parliament. Parliament represents will of the nation and it successfully upheld this belief by debating issues of national security in a threadbare manner and giving guidelines for formulation of National Security Policy and National Action Plan against Terrorism. Majority of politicians and members of Parliament played crucial role in defending the case of democracy during infamous sit-ins. The active role played by democracy loving parties and parliamentarians raised prestige of Parliament and elected representatives. Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani surely deserves credit for taking pains to uphold prestige of the institution as he laid utmost emphasis on punctuality and conduct of the proceedings strict according to rules and regulations. In his tenure, the upper house contributed a lot in holding meaningful debates on national issues, crystallise national thinking and extending a helping hand in the formation of different policies. However, it is also to be pointed out that political leaders and members of Parliament have to blame themselves if they could not attain first place as far as confidence of people is concerned. This is because the Prime Minister hardly attended a few sessions of the National Assembly and the Senate during the last four years and PTI leader Imran Khan did not bother to attend NA proceedings except for a few days and that too for a few minutes. Record of many other members including Federal Ministers left much to be desired which was reflected from frequent lack of quorum in the National Assembly. This should be a cause of serious concern for them.

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