Gabbar Singh ‘spotted’ in City

Staff Reporter

Perhaps one of the most celebrated films till date, ‘Sholay’ is Bollywood’s one such incredible production whose characters have a place in history and peo-ple’s hearts even today.
Who doesn’t remember the notorious villain Gabbar Singh? The dacoit, who led a group in looting and plundering villages in the region of Ramgarh lives on in cinematic glory even in the current times.
While the character is one of the most iconic villains in Indian cinema, spotting a doppelganger of him is pretty hard to imagine.
However, a picture started doing rounds on the internet lately that showcases a man bearing stark resemblance to Sholay’s antagonist Gab-bar Singh in a bazaar in Karachi reportedly.
From his hair to the clothes the man is wear-ing in the picture, every-thing is almost same to Gabbar Singh’s demeanor that has come as a sur-prise to all netizens.

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