FWO providing all out help to stranded commuters

Staff Reporter


FWO is responsible for provision of better facilities for the commuters on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). It was observed a day earlier when thousands of passengers stuck on M-2 Motorway as massive protest by a religious party across country had paralyzed the transportation and infrastructure. FWO opened gents/ladies mosques, green areas, middle halls, rest areas and other facilities to accommodate about 11000 passengers.
Passengers including 500 children of a private school based in Lahore had stuck on different areas like Sayal, KalarKahar, Chakri, Behra and other areas of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. In this crucial stretch, FWO accommodated the stuck families with all the hospitality and moral obligation. According to FWO, the families, passengers and school children were being given food, shelter, accommodation and security by FWO.
It is however worth mentioning that about 4000 passengers including families managedto set off for their respective areas in the wee hours of next morning. It is also worth mentioning that some scoundrel elements tried to malign the true and patriotic efforts of FWO with their own astute means through social media which is biased and far from the reality.

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