FWBL funds solar panel to women, transgender at subsidized rate

Staff Reporter


Ms. Tahira Raza President and CEO First Women Bank Limited said that the fixing of solar panels is a cheap and self-sufficient clean renewable process which produces no harmful emanation to effect the environment, a statement said on Monday.
Addressing the awareness session organized to create awareness about the solar energy concepts benefits and products, she said that the importance of solar energy is sure to play a big role in helping people socially and economically and creating jobs and research.
Pakistan’s economy is currently facing the dual challenge of energy shortage and climate change. The inadequate supply of energy has severely impacted the growth of industries/businesses and the welfare of the public in general.
In order to overcome these challenges, SBP is promoting green banking model to ensure sustainable banking and development.
First Women Bank is also offering solar products to meet the demand of commercial and personal users including men, women and transgender but the facility is available to women and transgender customers at the more subsidized rates, she said.

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