Future of Pak-Turk schools

THE Government seems to have revised its strategy to address the issue of Pak-Turk school operating in Pakistan in the aftermath of political upheaval in Turkey, where failed attempts were made to stage a coup by a section of Turkish armed forces. Latest reports suggest the Government has asked Turkish staff of these educational institutions to leave the country by Nov 20, 2016.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has undertaken a wide range of reforms as part of his policy to prevent recurrence of what happened on July 15, 2016 and to stabilise the democratic process. Apart from internal moves, the Turkish Government reportedly asked the Government of Pakistan to close down the chain of Pak-Turk schools, where thousands of students are getting quality education. Pakistan rightly conveyed to the Turkish Government that closure of these schools and colleges would mean putting educational career of the students at risk. It is good that these institutions are not being closed, which would ensure continuation of career of the students already enrolled there but there should be a clear govt policy about these schools. Pak-Turk schools have played an important role in imparting quality education in Pakistan besides providing scholarships to students on merit and assistance to them for higher learning in Turkey. There would be hardly any logic to send back all the Turkish teachers and staff, which might create a void here. Instead, based on input from the Turkish Government, only those should be repatriated whose links with non-academic pursuits are established. Again, the Turkish Government should be requested to send equal number of qualified teachers and experienced staff as replacement to run these schools effectively. Hopefully, meaningful discussions would be held on the subject during visit of the Turkish President and an appropriate solution found.

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