Future of Danish schools

DESPITE avowed commitment of the PTI government not to discard good projects initiated for welfare of the people, media reports say the Punjab government has decided to scrap PML-N’s education sector project of Danish School System in the province and divert resources to other education and health projects conceived by the PTI. Provincial Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakhi, who spearheaded the idea at the maiden meeting of strategic Committee on Annual Development Plan, suggested alternate use of the existing Danish schools buildings besides stopping infrastructure development of new schools in Punjab.
If implemented, this would be one of the most unfortunate decisions of the government akin to PPP’s scrapping of the plan devised by Dr. Attaur Rehman for establishment of quality universities through collaboration of friendly countries. These free education schools were established with the objective of fighting poverty through education, a cause worth pursuing by every government. These schools were mostly set up in Southern Punjab and it is strange that the decision to shut them has come during tenure of a Chief Minister from the same area. Is he not interested in continuation of free education for children of backward areas and poor families? There can be issues and problems with the project but instead of closure these issues should be resolved and working of these schools improved as per PTI’s own vision. PTI claims it excelled in education sector in KP during the last five years and with this in view its decision to close Danish schools is nothing but retrogressive. Good and beneficial projects should not be shelved only because these were launched by previous government.

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