Futile ambitions of India

Fazila Syed

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is proving to be a game-changing project of the 21st century. Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and other Central Asian States will be benefited; thanks to this project. China and Pakistan will be the biggest beneficiaries. That’s why, it has become a thorn in the eyes of India, and thus it is bent to sabotage it.
Even before this, if we look at the past history, India has never missed an opportunity to damage Pakistan. Balochistan has been subjected to terror and chaos. Development of Balochistan, especially the Gwadar Port, is painful for India, hence Modi Government has started employing dirty tactics like sneaking its submarines into Pakistani waters, which were prevented by the alert Pak Navy. However, such actions should not be taken lightly. It must be known by all that completion of CPEC is not the real achievement, but to run it successfully after the completion is the real success and progress of Pakistan and China.
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