From #MeToo to #NotMe

With very much guilt and shame being a part of this society I want to highlight the shameful incident of harassing more than 80 female students appearing in their intermediate exams at Bahria College, Islamabad. The students accused Bashir (federal board-appointed examiner) of inappropriately touching and passing salacious remarks at them during their Biology practical exam. One of the students posted on her Facebook account that she was groped twice by the examiner during her practical exam on May 24. The student went on to add that the examiner had groped almost 80 students and passed sleazy comments at them. One student named Saba Ali explained in detail about her traumatic incident through her Facebook status and every individual stood with her for her right on Facebook.
We also heard about that Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar harassment scandal, such news are coming from everywhere like from urban to rural, from middle class to elite class. In such situations when everywhere similar problem is cruising, it is necessary to find out any solution for it, only hashtag me too is not enough it should change to hashtag not me, which is only possible when women will learn defending themselves from such evil minded monsters.
People who do these kinds of disrespectful things are mentally ill according to me, they just don’t have any control on themselves and turn into an animal. These culprits should be hanged publicly so next time any other person will twice before doing this kind of sin. On the other hand women should also know-how to protect themselves from such incidents because we all know they are not less than any man.

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