From a vassal to an outlaw

Naima Sadaqat

The story of Chhotu Gang leader is quite interesting and mysterious. The real name of the Chhotu gang leader is Ghulam Rasool. He was the resident of small village Sha Wali in Rajanpur. Ghulam Rasool was the vassal of influencial landower who badly tyrannized and tortured him. He was tired of this perpetual torture metted out to him by his cruel landower and one day escaped from his confinement and became the part of a criminal gang and adopted name of chotu. Chhotu was first accused in a case in 1987 and still continues as such with all his criminal deeds. He was involved in my cases like killing, theft, ransom and robberies and later on he started working for the high profile vadheras and politicians.
After the failure of Punjab government and the Provincial Police force in foiling the misdeeds of the Chhotu gang, the Rangers and the Pak army started operation. Personnel of Pakistan Army have taken over the operation against members of Chotu gang in the riverine area of Rajanpur. Army troops have been deployed in the Kacha areas and have taken charge of Operation, Zarb-i-Aahan.
Policemen held a demonstration in Jampur to demand the safe recovery of the Policemen hostages from the Chhotu gang’s captivity. Scores of protesters gathered at Traffic Chowk in Jampur and chanted slogans against the “ineptitude’ and “ill-planning” of police authorities which paved the way for casualties and abductions. On the other hand, members of Chhotu gang have demanded safe passage to leave the area and the halting of the operation in exchange for the hostages. The gang is allegedly using the hostages as human shield against shelling and firing by law enforcement agencies.
Helicopter gunships were used to hit suspected positions and bunkers set up by criminals affiliated with the Chhotu gang.The initial air strikes lasted about 20 minutes. Moreover, security forces taking part in the operation, code-named Zarb-i-Aahan, also had the backup support of mortars fired by Rangers and Pak Army. These gangs and criminals like chotu will continue to breed in the prevailing atmosphere of injustice, cruelity, economic disparities and lack of efficient juditial system, It is therefore, need of the time to root out the causes that give birth to such criminals and gangs.

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