Friends welcome Attaul Haq Qasmi in Islamabad as PTV chairman


Reception, Mushaira, book-launch held at Alvi’s

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Since his elevation as Chairman of the state-run TV, Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), noted columnist Attaul Haq Qasmi has been staying in Islamabad for a couple of weeks, and friends taking this God-sent opportunity are busy in hosting receptions in his honour, organizing reading sessions and poetry recitals (mushaira) now and then.
One such reception was hosted by Prof Qaisera Alvi, noted writer and educationist of the town. Qaisera Alvi does not miss any opportunity of organizing such creative gatherings at her residence and her daughter Sairah Alvi who is equally keen to receive ‘uncles’ and ‘aunts’ never lets them feel they are at someone else’s house. They found Qasmi’s arrival in Islamabad an appropriate excuse to host a dinner at their residence.
An Urdu anthology of 22 critical articles “Sukhan aur Ehl-e-Sukhan” by Muzaffar Aly Syed was also launched on this occasion. The book is unique in the sense it was compiled by late Intezar Hussain and it is perhaps the last creative work of the great noted short story writer of our times.
Muzaffar Ali Syed’s son Musammar Ali Syed was also present on the occasion. He said Intezar Hussain always spoke high of his father’s works and said it goes to the credit of the late short story writer and Prof Qaisera Alvi to get the articles published in book form.
Attaul Haq Qasmi who is yet to come to terms he is out of Lahore saw it a rare pleasure to be amongst friends and contemporaries like Uxi Mufti, Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik, Dr Inamul Haq Javed, Masud Mufti, Akram Zaki, Dr Anwar Nasim, Dr Qasim Bughio, Hamid Alvi and other noted figures.
Although I am out of Lahore, yet Lahore lives inside me, said Qasmi in a light tone while thanking the Alvis for the reception. He also shared with them interesting anecdotes, jokes and quotes of great writers and poets of the day. The conversation drifted to the fertile land of Kashmir that has produced some great names. Qasmi drew the attention of the participants to a long list of names from Allama Mohammad Iqbal to Attaulla Shah Bukhari the great orator of Urdu who all were from Kashmir. “Moreover, the great columnist of our times, Attaul Haq Qasmi himself is from Kashmir,” said Qasmi making everyone laugh.
Qasiera Alvi welcomed Qasmi and hoped PTV would revive its past glory under his leadership.
Last but not the least, a Mushaira was also hosted but this time it was on the desire of the US-return Sairah Alvi who is in Islamabad to get her daughter married by the end of the next month.
This means one can see a number of such gatherings, mushaira and book launches in the days to come!
Akram Zaki, Qasim Bughio, Prof Ehsan Akbar, Nusrat Zaidi, Mehboob Zafar, Tariq Naeem, Anjum Khalique, Farah Deeba, Mussarrat Parveen Neelum, Ali Qaswar, Rehman Hafiz and others read out their poems and won accolades.

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