Friends in neighbourhood?

Ali Sukhanver

KUL Bushan Yadav, the RAW operative nabbed by Pakistan last month is nowadays given wide coverage in all newspapers and electronic media. His arrest is no doubt a wonderful achievement of the intelligence agencies of Pakistan but it must be kept in mind that history is replete with such achievements of security agencies particularly with reference to arrest of RAW agents. These agents have been involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.
According to details this arrested RAW agent was found deeply involved in different terrorist activities in Pakistan including a plan of sabotaging the CPEC project. The security agencies also traced his involvement in providing financial and technical support to the groups of so-called Baloch separatists. But there is nothing new in all these incidents. RAW had ever been very active in Pakistan and it is not for the first time that a RAW operative has been arrested.
Let us go back to September 23, 2015; the intelligence agencies of Pakistan arrested two individuals working for Indian intelligence agency RAW from Parachinar in Kurram tribal agency. The Indian agents were arrested after an intelligence based operation was carried out. Earlier in August 2015, the law enforcement agencies had arrested four suspects linked to India’s RAW spy agency from Lahore. In early 70s we come across Ravinder Kaushik who was recruited by RAW and was given extensive training in Delhi for two years. According to the media reports Ravinder Kaushik underwent Circumcision so he could pass as a Muslim. He was taught Urdu, given religious education and acquainted with the topography and other details about Pakistan. In 1975 he was sent to Pakistan and given the name of Nabi Ahmed Shakir.
Somehow or the other he got a trivial type of job in government sector from where he tried to pass on valuable information to RAW which he thought was of great help to the Indian defense forces. He couldn’t conceal his identity for a long time from the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and was soon caught red-handed. As per tradition he was totally disowned by RAW after being caught. He died a miserable death and the Indian authorities provided him no help no support, however Indian Media started a campaign to have his efforts acknowledged after his death.
In 2013 the Baghdad police station of Karachi arrested another agent of RAW during raid in a house on the basis of information provided by the intelligence agencies. The fake name of that agent was Syed Alam and he was found involved in so many sectarian killings and other terrorist activities in Karachi. In short there is a long list of agents who were sent to Pakistan by the RAW but luckily none of them could be successful in hiding himself from intelligence agencies. For the last thirty years, Pakistan has been facing the ever-worst interference of different international intelligence agencies. They all have joined hand together to destabilize Pakistan with their heinous crimes. It is something very deplorable that Pakistan’s closest neighbour India lets no opportunity of destabilizing Pakistan go waste.
In spite of the fact that Pakistan has always tried to create an atmosphere of cordiality and harmony with India by doing all that is possible but this neighbour of Pakistan never appreciates or encourages any of such efforts rather India’s response to such efforts is always in shape of some conspiracy against Pakistan. Be it the Pathankot incident or the Mumbai blasts or the so-called boat incident, India has always been involved in a dirty blame game against Pakistan. The Indian high-ups must review their approach and behaviour in this regard. They must pay attention to the ever-worst social discrimination and racial injustice regularly faced by the minorities in India rather wasting time and resources on conspiring against Pakistan.
—The writer is freelance columnist based in Multan.

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