Frequent power breakdown!

Maheen Ehtisham
Via Email

Through the column of your esteemed paper, I want to pay the attention among Karachi Electric Supply Company and to all the authorities who are controlling the system towards the protestations of the severe frequent failure of electricity breakdown.
Unfortunately, the power outage was said to be the major power breakdown during the recent rise in temperature. Many consumers protest against this inferior issue. According to them, they are paying bills regularly but the power utility is not able to supply them power regularly and adequately. The most suffering community is of students who are preparing for examinations. As we all know, it is the exam season they are continuously facing troubles throughout day and night.
Not only students who suffer but business bears a great loss too, It causes a shortage of water, Industrialization areas are also affected. Moreover, the frequent breakdown of electricity poses threats to the lives of the patients who are suffering from severe disease. It is very sad there are no adequate resources to resolve this critical matter.

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