Free education on streets of Karachi

Abeer Hussain

This is with reference of a story, I first read it on social media, under the title “Bringing education to the streets of Karachi”. Brother and sister – Shireen and Hassan Zafar – are the residents of an apartment near Seaview and they have brought class room, for those children who are unable to go to school due to poverty. On the streets of Karachi, they almost teach more than 25 street children who sell goods like flowers, tissue paper etc or beg at the traffic signals on the streets of DHA. The siblings spend nearly two hours everyday teaching the basics, such as alphabets, counting etc. to the children. They run street classroom six days a week. This is a very good social work which is being done by the siblings for the sake of humanity.
I must say that this is a very bold and inspiring step. It is a very good example of volunteer work. Shireen and Hassan are the real heroes of our city. They must be real noble souls to feel so strongly for the deprived and neglected children. Giving them the gift of education, which I consider to be the most precious gift anyone could give. I would like to give credit to their parents as well who gave such a nice upbringing to their children – to make them what they are, instead of making the usual typical brats we see around. I feel so sad to see people writing long discourses on worthless topics but nobody bothers to appreciate what these kids are giving back to our community at this stage of their lives.

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