Fraud insurance

Nowadays false insurance claims are made which can leave many citizens of Karachi in deep debt. When somebody commits an insurance fraud, the people who already have insurance have to pay for the money lost by the insurance company. Most of the people committing an insurance fraud don’t even notice that they are cheating other people out of their money. There are many ways to commit an insurance fraud like burning your house down to get house insurance money, claiming you are disabled and getting disability income and so on.
To understand insurance fraud, you may want to know what the definitions of insurance and fraud are. Insurance means insuring people, or their property. Meaning it keeps people insured, knowing that if they are injured or lose their property, they will receive the money to pay for everything. The term ‘fraud’ means misrepresentation intended to deceive. When you put these two words together, you are misrepresenting yourself and using the insurance company’s money to work your way through it. Insurance fraud is a scandalous and an unethical crime. It does affect citizens of Karachi terribly. It hurts their profits, money and jobs. Insurance fraud is illegal and harmful to the economy. People should take as much action as they possibly can to put an end to it. Everyone needs to think seriously about insurance fraud and try their very best to prevent it.

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