France keens to enhance presence and activity of companies in Pakistan: CG

Salahuddin Haider

France has been keen to enhance the presence and activity of its companies in entire Pakistan, including Sindh and Karachi, said the French consul general Francois Dall’Orso while speaking on the national day of his country at the weekend. Replying as chief guest, Governor Muhammad Zubair lauded the French role in Pakistan’s growth and development, in economic, defence and cultural sections, saying that twice in his official capacities, he started his foreign visits from Paris.
The function was impressive in character, for it was attended by a wide variety of invitees, including diplomats, business, and media elite. French cheese, known for its quality world over was a major attraction for those present. The vast lawn of the host in Defence Housing Authority, was crowded with such eminent persons as the consuls general of Russian Federation, Oleg Avedeev, of Sri Lanka Herath, number two at UK and USA diplomatic missions namely Steeve Crossman, and new economic and political affairs officer John Robinson, Bangla Desh Noor-Helal Saifur Rehman, Saudi Arabia Abdullah Al-Daim, eminent textile magnate Bashir Ali Mohammad, whose global expansion of business won him coveted French Award, Ameena Syed of Oxford University Press, and a number of luminaries.
Francois, a thoroughbred gentleman, extremely courteous, and charming personality, kept taking rounds of the vast lawns to look after his guests. He is to due to return home later in August after successful completion of his tenure in Karachi.
He said to promote French business in Pakistan, a delegation of his country’s businessmen team visited Pakistan in April. After Islamabad, the delegation spent two days in Karachi where it was able to notice the major improvement of law and order as well as dynamism of the city of Karachi and entrepreneurship of the business community, represented by the Pakistan-France Business Alliance.
In Karachi, and Sindh, he said, France has been carrying out a cooperation policy, based on economy and culture. In the economic field, French Agency for Development has been investing 20 million dollars ina wind energy project together with Gul Ahmed Energy and French oil company Total, which is now a major oil distributor in Pakistan and Sindh. At the same time Martin Dow, pharmaceutical company, based in Karachi, has been investing in France. Companies like CMA-CGM have been also increasing their share of activities. Others like Bolore,Sanofi-Aventis, Schineder Electric—Clipsal, Infotel are developing their presence.
Francois said scientific cooperation is also flourishing, with the strengthening of links between International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences and French scientists and institutions, especially with Institute Pasteur, as well as between Higher Education Commission and French universities hosting Pakistani students, a good part of them coming from Sindh.
He added that a very specific and most appreciated cooperation based on training has also been developed between French special police units and the Rapid Response Force of Sindh Police, in order to fight criminality in a much better way. In the cultural fields, two archaeological campaigns have been successfully taken place, one in Nawabshah-Chano Daro for the second time, the other in Bhambore for the fourth time. The governor felt happy at these developments, but jovially remarked that Karachi and Sindh should not be separated, Karachi being part of Sindh, has to develop together with the entire province.

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