France calls for policing inquiry after Nice attack

Paris—French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Thursday ordered an investigation into security arrangements on July 14 in the southern city of Nice where a man drove a truck into a crowd, killing 84 people.
Dogged by criticism over security failure, Cazeneuve called on the national police inspectorate to lead an inquiry to shed light on the security measures at the celebration of Bastille Day. “This administrative investigation…will establish the reality of these measures, while unnecessary controversy continues,” he said in a statement.
The minister’s move came after critics asked how it had been possible for a truck driving at high speed could careen two km through a crowd before being stopped by police units in a context of high terror alert.
Christian Estrosi, president of the Rivera region and former mayor of Nice, pointed the finger at the Socialist Party, accusing it of completely failing in Nice. “When the interior minister says there were enough police, it constitutes a blatant lie,” he told tv news channel iTele.—Xinhua

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