Home business FPCCI role in promotion of SAARC is dubious: Rehman

FPCCI role in promotion of SAARC is dubious: Rehman

Staff Reporter


The Executive Committee Member of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Mirza Abdul Rehman said on Sunday Federation role in promotion of SAARC is dubious. Yet FPCCI used SAARC Chamber platform on adhoc basis rather to used this platform for the regional connectivity for this region. He said even on the visit of President SAARC Chamber, Ruwan Edirisinghe visit to FPCCI Capital House yesterday, all Executive Committee who actually were a Board of Directors was missing except UBG supporters which was a wrong message given to the Head of SAARC Chamber of Commerce
Despite the fact South Asia has tremendous trade potential, which needs to be tapped with a shared vision of 2030 envisaged to address core trade issues and Pakistan’s role, in this regard, is vital, as no prosperity is possible without restoring peace in the region and in this regard FPCCI seriousness towards SAARC CCI should be imperative. “Yet FPCCI President and it’s team failed to have autonomously develop agenda for South Asian cooperation, driven broadly by economic concerns where we are seeking to take advantage of optimality and economic relations.