Former President greets Muslims on Eid-ul-Azha, Calls for sacrificing ego and arrogance


ISLAMABAD : The two-fold theme of Eidul Azha for the Muslims is: one, a willingness to sacrifice for a cause and two, the unity of the Muslims. Today, more than ever in the past, the Muslims need to sacrifice their ego to attain unity of purpose and unity of action”.

This was stated by former President Asif Ali Zardari in a message while greeting the Muslims throughout the world on the eve of Eid ul Azha on Wednesday.

“I greet the Muslims throughout the world in general and of Pakistan in particular on this auspicious occasion”, he said.

Coming in the wake of general elections in the country the Eidul Azha this year underscores the need for addressing a new fault line of state and society, he said.

“This new fault line has two parallel streams; One, threat to the unity of people who feel that their mandate has been stolen and two, the bloated ego and arrogance of some who like to imagine that they have been genuinely empowered by the people”.

There is an urgent need to sacrifice bloated ego to help unite the people for a purpose and a cause that is truly national, he said. “This will also be in accordance with the two-fold theme of Eidul Azha celebrations”.

The former President also urged people to remember, amidst Eid festivities, those deprived of the most basic needs of life due to poverty and share bounties with them.

The message of Islam is the message of social justice and we have an obligation to our community through which we attain a higher purpose in life, he said.

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