Former diplomats say behind India’s secularism, lurks communal frenzy of Hindutva

‘India: An Apartheid State’ launched

Zubair Qureshi

Behind the slogan of democracy and secularism, lurks the communal frenzy of Hindutva in India and the Modi government is particularly promoting and preaching that divisive sentiment in the far and wide of the country. Former High Commissioners to India, Riaz Hussain Khokhar and Abdul Basit were giving an overview the book “India: An Apartheid State” written by Dr Junaid Ahmad during its launching ceremony at the Islamabad Club here on Wednesday.
The Readers Club had launched the book-launch. President of the club, Sabuha Khan gave a welcome address through a video link on the occasion. Noted columnist and writer Ikram Sehgal and author of the book also addressed on the occasion.
Ambassaodor Riaz Hussain Khokar was of the view that the book reminded him of some gory instances at a time when he was in India as a young diplomat and there was communal violence broke out in New Delhi. In fact it was the day when Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi was assassinated. “I can still recall that 1984 day when Sikhs were slaughtered en mass and the memory of the bloodbath is troubling even today,” said Khokhar. He quoted a colleague in the evening of the day who told him that she had counted more than 400 dead bodies herself.
The book, according to Ambassador Riaz Hussain Khokhar, gives all the details and exposes socalled pluralism of Indian society. It is in fact written for the youth of Pakistan and they should realize and recognize the real face of India.
Ambassador Abdul Basit was India presented itself as a secular country but actually, it is a Hindu state with a caste system and it promotes inequality and apartheid in its true sense. The ambassador congratulated Dr Junaid Ahmad for documenting a comprehensive research work.
Ikram Sehgal said Dr Junaid Ahmad has collected a wide-range of facts mostly from Indian, British and American sources that expose the hollow secularism based on chicanery and deception through which present-day India consistently tries to befool the world.
The speakers appreciated the effort of Dr Junaid in exposing the true face of India. Dr Junaid Ahmad in his speech emphasized that India has recently emerged as an apartheid state which is dominated by the Hindu fundamentalist BJP & RSS leading to ever-increasing violence against the Dalits, the untouchables, Muslims and other minorities.
The ongoing insurgencies in India will eventually implode the country from within, said Dr Junaid. Treatment of women, religious minorities, destruction of churches and mosques and interference in the affairs of the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan speak volumes how India is being run by extremists with their agenda of overpowering the entire neighbourhood. A short video clip covering the major topics given in the book was also screened on the occasion prior to the launching ceremony.

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