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In response to Mirza Shahnawaz Agha’s article “Ultra democracy for consensus based governance”, Mr. S.R.Hashmi penned down a piece entitled “We need NSC as the highest body”. In response to this piece, Agha Sahib explains: “The proposition of NSC proposed by Mr Hashmi is noteworthy but simply to correct the notion of what the article ‘Ultra democracy for consensus based government’ sought was not a Caliphate nor was a Presidential form of government. It did seek consensus based governance between a very corrupt leadership that has risen to high offices.
The check and balance to root out this phenomenon is to have institutional heads of the judiciary, the armed forces and the executive, all these institutions, elect their leaders from amongst themselves so that accountability is within the institutions due to peer rivalry. It is then with the “Master Plan’ for national development that benefits the people of Pakistan only, should the consensus based government invoke. This tried and tested method has also seen the birth of researched based decision making in place of ad-hocism.
Towards the Ayub and his successors era let history be clear. Mujib won the vote to the high office hands down and he was denied that position because his basic item on his political agenda was land reforms which would see the end of captive political constituencies in the country. This was unacceptable to the vaderas, the sardars, the chowdhrys and the maliks. These captive constituencies are in my opinion the biggest stumbling block for democracy in Pakistan and the Army, the Bureaucracy, the Judiciary and the Executive are all guilty of aiding this plight.
This great country needs change every day and the status quo only represents decadence and regress. This is my humble explanation to the respondent with a request to read my other articles published in this Paper.” (Note: if anybody is interested, he can share his views on the subject through Letters to the Editor’s column.)

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