Foreign training programmes

Bureaucracy is the state running and functioning machinery in Pakistan. There are thousands of such category officers across the country assigned with various nature of jobs in their relevant fields, Departments and Ministries etc. They are time and again selected for foreign trainings during their service career and they proceed abroad to attain training in various fields with an aim to implement the skills in our beloved country for the betterment of the public at public expense.
However, the tragedy and pathetic situation is created when such officers solely have an ambition to visit different countries of the world to become famous and to earn a huge exposure in their circles as evident from the selfies and videos generated by them during training tours aired on social media. Thus they don’t keep in their mind the primary motive of their training for the betterment of the public ab-initio but they have their own vested interests and they badly fail to implement even zero percent of the achieved training skills which is nothing but the wastage of the Government exchequer conceived from the taxation directly by people. It is a known fact that in Pakistan majority of people are living below poverty line and people earn from hand to mouth but public money is roughly consumed on such irrelevant and unsustainable cause.
It wont be bad rather more useful and sage decision if the trainer officers are invited to Pakistan to impart training to our bureaucrats which will cost less expenditure by the government exchequer as well as the precious time and resources will also be saved due to the absence of trainee officers from their chairs during foreign training. I suggest that the Government must pay due heed to the issue and all foreign training programmes may be withdrawn forthwith owing to above stated scenario.
Haripur, KP

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