Foreign spy agencies destabilising Pakistan

WE are glad that at long last the much-talked-about issue of hostile activities of foreign spy agencies in Pakistan has been made topic of a high level civil-military meeting with the obvious objective of hammering out an effective response to safeguard national security interests of the country. In a belated but welcome brain-storming session at GHQ on Tuesday, the top brass expressed their firm resolve to counter the negative outside influence.
It was, however, enigmatic that two most relevant persons – Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and National Security Advisor Lt. General (Rtd) Nasir Janjua were conspicuously absent from this important meeting. Anyhow, we have been pointing out repeatedly in these columns that Pakistan is, perhaps, the only country where foreign agencies have a field day. According to Government’s own figures, the number of illegal immigrants in the country runs beyond four million, out of which about half a million are Indians. It is anybody’s guess how many of them could be trained agents doing their job under different garbs. During PPP era, both Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan’s Ambassador in Washington Hussain Haqqani are known to have issued hundreds if not thousands of visas to people whose credentials proved questionable. And only recently, the Interior Minister acknowledged that Pakistani Passports and National Identity Cards were issues to an unspecified number of foreigners in connivance with officials of the relevant departments. It was because of this that a nation-wide exercise for verification of CNICs is going to be launched and we hope it would lead to identification of such individuals and also punishment to those who compromised national security. It is also a fact that Afghan refugees are widely misused both by Indian spy agency RAW and Afghan intelligence outfit DNS but we have failed so far to find out a satisfactory answer to the challenge. It is time, the refugees are repatriated to their homeland as no other consideration could be as important as security of Pakistan.

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