Foreign policy review

It is quite appreciable that an extensive review of the country’s foreign policy has been undertaken at last and new priorities fixed in the wake of recent developments in and around Pakistan and the fast emerging global and regional scenario. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who also holds the portfolio of foreign affairs, had visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he was given detailed briefing which in fact was long overdue.
The PM quite rightly reiterated his government’s priority for a peaceful neighbourhood and resolving all disputes through dialogue and appreciably announced that trade, investment and scientific collaboration will be the strategic pillars of the country’s foreign policy. Quite obviously, foreign policy is an important element viz-a-viz one country’s relations with other countries around the world and cordial, warm and very friendly relations with the foreign countries are given due importance accordingly.
Besides persisting hostile and tense relations with India, Pakistan lately has troubles on borders with Iran and Afghanistan of varying natures and developments like these had necessitated an extensive review of the foreign policy and re-fixing and re-defining of the priorities. As a matter of fact, in view of fast emerging developments in the region and beyond, review of the foreign policy should invariably be undertaken regularly at least once in a quarter for fixing the priorities and focus accordingly.
While duly appreciating new priorities and focus of the foreign policy, it is hoped that such extensive review of the foreign policy will continue to be undertaken periodically. Foreign affairs require a lot of time and attention and the prime minister has other pressing engagements and commitments to spare that much time for this purpose as and when required. A full time foreign minister is long been demanded by some political quarters also.

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