Foreign policy issues

Pakistan’s foreign policy, prevalent for decades government after government, is a tough ask amid such internal pressures, distractions, external obligations and compulsions that need no introduction. It is a question of statesmanship extending an olive branch with dignity and honour to ill-designed and menacing antagonists of international power politics with tactical gains through diplomatic art, skill and acumen.
With all these drawbacks, we cannot ignore India, an inevitable and horrendous rival of Pakistan, clearly maligns the latter with obnoxious propaganda and with one lethal conspiracy after another, needs to be addressed with statesmanship. With both India and Pakistan being nuclear powers, consultation not confrontation remains a viable key to resolve outstanding bilateral issues.
Pakistani media and foreign policy must work together with winning insights and initiatives to gauge and respond to India ripping human rights in Kashmir, conspiring to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state, hiding its sabotage and subversion in Pakistan, threatening to aggravate Pakistan’s water problems by violating Indus Waters Treaty, disrupting potential of Pakistan’s CEPEC connection, plotting in vain to keep Pakistan out of international sports and so on. Looming large on Pakistan’s foreign policy horizon to be addressed with astute diplomacy and acumen are US whims and manipulation of World Bank and IMF aid conditions for Pakistan.

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