For the notice of new PM

At a high profile meeting, PTI finalized its initial 100 days future plan, whereby the most notable feature is reshuffling of top bureaucracy. How far the reshuffling brings about the desired outcome in 100 days remains to be seen but the missing area is supposed to be the lack of clear-cut plan of each working day of 100 days. However, if it is this, each head of department will be assigned to work and report on a daily basis of their respective Ministries/Divisions or attached Departments, with a feasible working mechanism, the proposed plan is likely to bring certain outcome.
Notwithstanding PTI proposed 100 days plan success, PTI’s newly elected members’ uncontrolled attitude soon after election victory signifies patently certain realities: PTI which is known to be the party of educated has irrational members in its ranks; secondly how those uncontrolled leaders will be expected to serve in their respective constituencies?; Thirdly, what will be the code of conduct of PTI to clip their wings. With wave of massive expectations of the people in general, some minds are still skeptical about change in the nation’s destiny. With widely-held slogan of Naya Pakistan, its hundreds days are litmus test for the new Government. Immediate challenges for PTI Supremo are: firstly, to clip the wings of its uncontrolled leaders; secondly, awarding each day’s working target to all new posted heads of department and thereafter to keep vigilance on outcome of their working; thirdly, however, what will tangibly be observed by nation is its instant service delivery in health and education sectors.
For the hope of nation, mere reshuffling is of no use until each day of 100 days strategy proves better than before, with controlled behaviour of all its MPs and MNAs along with quick attention to deplorable education and health conditions. If within hundred days plan of PTI Government, patients’ significant number moves from private to public hospitals, secondly, students substantial number moves from the private to public education institutions, this mobility would surely lead us to believe of having Naya Pakistan is in the making.

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