Football needs priority treatment

Aziz Ullah

Football has a great importance in the world of sports. Lyari, the oldest city of Karachi, is full of such great footballers who render football as the most necessary part of their life. The talent of Lyari has given an identity to the country globally. Despite all this, football is not on the top priority list of the government, and due to this phenomenon, the talent of football are being demoralized in Lyari particularly. Football lovers of Lyari are working themselves for the development in Lyari.
Street child footballers of Lyari had visited Brazil, Norway, Germany, Holland and France last year and had shown their best performance. Audience had encouraged them. Despite this, Lyari does not have a grass ground where these players could show their talent. It shows that the government itself does not want development of football. If government patronizes the sport, the footballers of Lyari can give an identity to our country globally. Therefore, I request to the government to take notice of this issue in order to give opportunities to footballers enabling them to represent Pakistan at international level and bring honours for the nation.
—Via email

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