Foodpanda Bites and Vibes Festival


Foodpanda Bites and Vibes Festival was on 21st January at Art and Craft town, Shakarparian, Islamabad.  The most attractive thing was their pink decoration including the trees gave an extremely attractive look to the earth and a considerable measure of chances for the general population to posture for selfies. The vibe of the occasion was brimming with delight and brightness as everyone was energetic about the environment. The occasion took after the topic of pink and white which showed a lovely state of mind in the earth.

We went from one stall to another for tasting the various types of foods and flavors – some old, some new, some natural and others, not really. The assortment of cooking styles that had us captivated were Continental, Desi, Mediterranean and obviously fast-food. However, this was altogether anticipated from a nourishment celebration, what shocked us was the live cooking stations – now that was something new and intriguing and certainly got our consideration.

The occasion was significantly systematized, there was crowd control, deliberate lines and sitting zones where one could simply luxuriate with their loved ones, and eat up the plenitude of heavenly joys one thing that we haven’t seen at some other nourishment celebration starting at yet.

A beautiful campfire was held at night alongside the live performance by Saakin Band. Taking all things together, it united all food lovers and gave a family air, encouraging everybody who came. The occasion was a gigantic accomplishment in Islamabad after Lahore and Karachi, opening ways for up and coming occasions sooner rather than later. We would like to go to more issues from Foodpanda.

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