Food wastage

Weddings in Pakistan are very radiant advent, filled with formalities and celebrations for a handful of days. People spend lavishly on the occasion. Even those hailing from the middle class consider these events as a opportunity to showcase their wealth in the form of dresses, jewellery and sumptuous dinners. Most of the people don’t know the importance of food, that’s why, they waste it like anything at marriage parties. They totally forget that our country also hosts the biggest bevy of starving people. Competitively they all want their wedding dinners prodigious in this way they provide abundance of dishes in it. Consequently the guests can savour with the splendour meal. The way food eaten and wasted at wedding parties is an eye opener for everyone. People like to taste each and every dish as much as they can take, in their plates having a fear that next time they will not get a chance to get more food. As a result of all this leftover food is thrown into the garbage. I request the government to take action on this matter, make laws that at wedding parties only one or two dishes are allowed to be served. When this rule is applied strictly, the wastage of food probably decreases manifold and the food which was leftover will go the hands of poor people who deserve it.

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