Food authority scope expanded

IN a welcome step, Punjab government has decided to extend the scope of Punjab Food Authority to all the districts of the province and a formal notification to this effect has also been issued. In recent times, we have seen the food authority working very actively specially in Lahore raiding and sealing not only food outlets selling unhygienic food but also facilities involved in adulteration of items such as juices and milk.
As curse of adulteration is not confined to Lahore only but the unscrupulous elements selling death through food items are present in every nook and corner, therefore, it had become important to extend the scope of Punjab Food Authority to all the districts in the province so that it could tighten noose against the adulterators without any hiccup. It will not be an exaggeration to state that an average Pakistani family is consuming dangerous colours, sawdust, soapstone, harmful chemicals and substances mixed with consumable goods. According to Ministry of Science and Technology there is 35% microbiological contamination in bottled water and 1 kilogram of pure milk is being mixed with 39 kg of contaminated milk consisting of bleaching powder and other poisonous chemicals. In this backdrop, it has become pivotal that other provincial governments also follow the suit of Punjab government and take steps to strengthen their respective food authorities in order to eradicate this menace. Those selling death to the people deserve no mercy and we expect that the provincial governments will reinforce the hands of food authorities through further legislation envisaging harsh punishment to adulterators. Special courts need to be set up in all major cities so that cases relating to adulteration are disposed of at the earliest. The people also have a responsibility to keep a check on their surroundings and inform relevant authorities if they see any activity relating to production of unhygienic or substandard products as mostly such items are prepared in old areas and locked houses in order to escape eye of law. People’s cooperation with relevant authorities can help eliminate this menace and ensure provision of safe, hygienic and healthy food to consumers.

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