Following Islam

S M Talha Irfan

Today we live in a society where instead of following the Sunnah of the holy prophet (PBUH), glamour and musical distractions have become a part of our lives and even religion is not spared. The youth of this generation believe in the term YOLO (we only live once) but in reality it should be, we only die once. It’s a lot easier to find cinemas packed with people yet the mosques are.
Even during Ramzan very few people will be found practicing Islam in mosques as many prefer to stay home in their cozy beds sleeping, listening to music, watching movies or viewing co-called religious programmes and transmissions dominated by glamorous seducing gestures by young hostesses and pop singers who know little about religion. We know names and biographies of our celebrities, favourite film stars, pop stars and sport players but we don’t know lifestyle of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) who used to cry for us at night and ask for our forgiveness.
We have little knowledge regarding his history and family. We could write endless paragraphs about a film yet fail to describe Islam in a few sentences. Our weddings are totally far away from Islamic traditions; they are now a market for pomp and show. Islam teaches us simplicity and what we are doing is totally in contrast to it. Our kids now believe every solution lies in lyrics of a song but they forget that for every problem there is a ‘verse in Quran’. If you find dust on your Quran, do think for a while where you stand. Don’t forget that ‘the life of this world is only an enjoyment of deception’.
— Karachi

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