Follow Singapore Model

Pakistan’s basic problem is that its ruling elite seem to be enamoured by Dubai as a role model, which has become a safe tax haven for world’s rich elite, a tourist resort with beaches and skyscrapers and a city with local Emiratis population of a few hundred thousand. It is hardly a role model for a country like Pakistan with a population of 200 million, numerous educational institutions and enough scientific knowhow to be amongst those possessing a nuclear deterrence and a trained professional army.
A prominent Land Developer who has set a trend to build modern housing societies while addressing Supreme Court stated that he had “built BT Karachi so that Pakistan can grow from a Third World country to a First World country”. I beg to differ with this powerful Land Developer and thousands on his payroll. Without getting into legality or illegality of his projects, Pakistan has talent and human resources to become part of developed world and one day hopefully be part of First World, if it follows Singapore Model.
From a mosquito infected backyard of S.E.Asia, Singapore has developed to First World country, with an economy larger than that of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and territory less than that of Karachi. It can proudly claim to have best universities and hospitals which can be compared to any of Ivy League University of USA. It has best public transport system and a totally documented economy, where due process of law takes place and every citizen submits to rule of law. Singapore is not known for its skyscrapers but is a country which imposes highest taxes on second houses and cars owned by citizens.

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