Follow Constitution to shun rumours

THE country is rife with all sorts of rumours and in this backdrop different voices are being heard from multiple directions churning out suggestions that could push the country into more uncertainty. This is in sharp contrast to Constitutional scheme of things, which is quite clear and envisages general election at completion of the mandated term of the government, under the aegis of a caretaker set-up.
Confusion being created by some vested interests is understandable but it is all the more regrettable that some politicians too are lending their hand to attempts aimed at spreading ambiguity. Political parties claim to be supporter of democracy and they ought to be but the stand adopted by JI Amir Sirajul Haq and PML (F) leader Pir Pagara is not understandable. Sirajul Haq is pleading, nowadays that first there should be accountability and then elections should be held. This effectively means postponing elections and carrying out accountability of all those accused of corruption and that would certainly take time. And what sort of accountability JI Chief is demanding when the accountability courts are already seized of cases against Sharif family and there are expectations that similar cases might also be initiated against others. Why can’t elections and accountability process go side by side? Similarly Pir Pagara has claimed that holding of elections in 2018 could result in bloodshed but he has failed to explain the reasons and logic for arriving at this conclusion? The security situation was much worse in 2013 than it is today yet elections were held successfully and there is no reason these cannot be organised in 2018 as well. Political strife is also not as deep as it was before 2008 general election when PPP leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. There are also similar suggestions for postponement of elections or even preference for Martial Law by Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. It is not coincidence that proposals for deferment of elections are coming from those parties that have no stakes in politics and they have repeatedly been rejected by masses in elections. We believe that there is absolutely no justification for delaying elections on any excuse and these must be held as envisaged by the Constitution.

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