Focus on quality education

PRESIDENT Mamnoon Hussain, who has been making concerted efforts to promote the cause of education and health in the country, has once again emphasized that improving standard of education is imperative for a fast-paced economic development of the country. Talking to a delegation of Agha Khan University led by Feroz Rasool, he lauded the contribution being made by the University in producing highly qualified manpower.
There is no doubt that awareness about education has increased not just among Federal and Provincial governments that have started allocating more funds for the sector but also among people who are now sending their children to schools, colleges and universities. However, this increased focus is not just enough to enhance the percentage of literacy without proportionate increase in the quality of manpower that we produce for different sectors of the economy and spheres of life. In the past, there was just one teacher in schools teaching all subjects to students but things have now changed and students today learn from many things such as teachers, other people, technology, movies, books, other countries, and by surfing the web. Data shows that jobs requiring high levels of education have become essential in the workforce. We cannot make tangible and sustainable progress until and unless we produce workforce that is imaginative, creative and imbued with the spirit of contributing its share to the knowledge-based economy. For all this to happen, we will have to establish quality schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning not just in the private sector but also in the public sector. This would, in turn, require highly qualified faculty to teach emerging sciences and technologies to the students. We will also have to increase budgets for universities so that they could undertake genuine research and development programmes that are key to technological revolution and overall progress and development.

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