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Special Editorial

Zahid Malik

Monday, June 23, 2014 – The State of Pakistan resisted foreign pressure for quite some time and tried to avoid a full-scale military operation in North Waziristan because of a host of concerns and apprehensions but the authorities ultimately had to take a bitter decision for the sake of security and very survival of the country. It is good that both the civilian and military leaderships were on the one page as far as operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ is concerned and all the major and influential political parties are backing the decisive action against those who are bent upon undermining the strength of the only nuclear power of the Islamic world.

The meticulously planned and superbly implemented operation has started yielding positive results, as scores of hideouts of militants and terrorists of all sorts including separatist Chinese, committed Chechens and terminator Uzbeks etc have been torn into pieces along with their sophisticated communication network and huge arsenal. Civil and military leadership is not only coordinating activities at home but have also embarked upon an aggressive diplomatic offensive to enlist genuine support of Afghan Government and NATO to ensure that terrorists are not allowed to seek refuge in mountains of Afghanistan as they did in the past. The dispatch of Mahmood Khan Achakzai to Kabul as special emissary of the Prime Minister for talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai to seek his cooperation for extradition of Mullah Fazlullah and sealing off the border on their side of Durand Line is also manifestation of the sincerity of the Government to eliminate terrorism once for all. It is hoped that with the cooperation and support of the masses, the valiant armed forces, who always upheld esteem of the country, would be successful in eradicating terrorism from North Waziristan once for all.

It is, however, both surprising and condemnable that deliberate as well as unconscious efforts are being made by some elements to disrupt this march on which hinges the future of our generations and progress and prosperity of the country. They are engineering crises and hatching conspiracies that are directly aimed at undermining the democratic process and the system and in a way detrimental to the unity and solidarity needed much for taking the on-going operation to its successful and logical culmination. What happened at Model Town in Lahore, followed by killing of MQM Member of the National Assembly in the provincial capital, is clear manifestation of designs and intents of those behind the unholy game of destabilization. The nature of these incidents, the choice of venues and the timing – all make it evident that attempts are being made to destabilize the civilian government in Pakistan and deprive people of Pakistan of the multi-dimensional developmental initiatives taken by the present Government.

It is, indeed, intriguing that some players in the political arena have suddenly become hyper active, thinking that there is small distance between them and the corridors of power. These dwarf headed politicians, like ‘mice of Shah Dola of Gujrat’ are unable to realize the ground realities, which even a beginner in politics could visualize and understand. In their blind lust for power, they have ganged up and are conspiring against democratically elected Government and that too a Governmentwhich has undertaken gigantic developmental activities in different sectors, implementation of which would bring about a virtual revolution in the country. These anti-development and anti-people politicians understand that once the presentgovernment completes its tenure, it would amount to spelling of disaster to their political careers and they are, therefore, engaged in intrigues to dislodge the incumbent Government. However, they are unable to realize that it is not 1980s or 1990s but 2014 and that maturity and wisdom has dawned upon people of Pakistan and they fully know who is who in politics and who is up to what. People know it well that these short-sighted politicians, who thrive on conspiracies, are just creating fuss out of their sheer frustration and myopic mindset.

Though there is not an iota of possibility of supra-constitutional interruption in whatever circumstances but even if law and order situation is created and mischief mongering leads to some awkward situation, then it will be the Army that will call the shots and not these self-centered politicians yearning for power. They may get some morsels from military rulers but they would further tarnish their image and reputation by licking the boots. We feel sorry that we have not been able to learn any lesson from the past mistakes and are bent upon repeating them for our petty personal greed and lust ignoring national interests and future of the nation. We forget that be it Pakistan, Egypt, Thailand or Bangladesh whenever defined limits are crossed, then it is not democracy but Martial Law.

Therefore, at this point of time, instead of pursing most wicked agenda, these politicians should align themselves with the nation which is extending wholehearted support to the Armed Forces in their struggle to flush out terrorists. Once terrorism is rooted out, there is every reason to believe that a beeline of investors would flock to Pakistan. Already, despite challenging security environment, China has pledged to invest $35 billion in different sectors of Pakistan’s economy, which is unheard of in the history of the country. Therefore, we appeal to all and sundry to shun personal agenda and contribute their share in making ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ a resounding victory. Armed Forces are engaged in most crucial and decisive battle and we need to give ‘Shabash’ to them. People would remember those who stand with the State at this defining moment and would erase others from memory who caused harm to the State.

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