Focus on health sector

It is quite commendable to note that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated newly-constructed Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed Block and also the liver clinic at the Services Hospital in Lahore in furtherance of the provincial government’s determination and commitment to continue with the focus on improving health sector and ensuring provision of most modern health facilities to the people across the board. The building has been constructed at a cost of Rs 1.37 billion and various modern facilities have been provided for the patients at the hospital which has capacity of 300 beds and undoubtedly is an important treatment facility for the people.
Talking to the media afterwards, as per reports in the newspapers, the chief minister said the new block is a milestone initiative with regard to provision of medical facilities to the people, construction of the new block which also contains CT scan and ultrasound machines is a result of teamwork and commitment to serving the ailing humanity. The chief minister reiterated that the provision of quality medical facilities is the responsibility of the state and the state-of-the-art hospitals had been established to fulfil this obligation and expressed his happiness to have witnessed the availability of various latest facilities and hoped this system will continue fully serving the patients in need.
It is quite appreciable that the provincial government is setting up modern healthcare facilities across the province and spending billions of rupees on provision of medical facilities to the ailing people. It is obligatory on the doctors, para-medical staff to serve the sick people dedicatedly and sincerely and earn their appreciation as looking after the patients and serving them with devotion is a great noble and commendable work.

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